Eddie Konold
Eddie KonoldMA, LPC, CAC II

About Eddie

I am a psychotherapist practicing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado who does individual, couples and family counseling. I have been working in therapeutic environments since 1995, and spent much of my early career working as a wilderness trip leader where I developed a love of outdoors and an appreciation for the objective truth in Mother Nature. I earned a masters degree in counseling and psychology and love therapy because I get to connect with people and contribute to their fulfillment in life. I consider myself lucky to be a father and husband in a loving family. I love learning, playing, creating and exploring being human. Most importantly, I am committed to expanding the expression of love in the world.


  • Being a loving man
  • Being a great dad
  • Being a great husband
  • Empowering others to love
  • Exploring self through vulnerability and relationship
  • Having compassion for myself and others along the way

Happy Clients

Through the Relationship Challenge I learned to be more compassionate to the one I love. The distinction, “Playing for Your Partner to Win” was invaluable. This challenge is unique, provocative and uplifting!
R.J. - Taos, NM
The Be Loving Challenge was instantly transformative for me and my husband. Right from the start, we talked through many issues we had been avoiding, and the structure of the challenge put our communication in a positive, constructive, insightful context that has lasted beyond the time of the challenge itself. We are playing for each other to win!
P.L - Santa Fe, NM
These things have all been helpful to us and we believe the Relationship Challenge is awesome. It’s made us take a look at our relationship and the way we communicate. We thought we were travelling pretty well before the challenge started but, like most things, there’s always room for improvement and we certainly feel we’ve achieved that. Plus we believe it will help us into the future. So thank you, thank you for everything. We’ve really enjoyed being a part of it. We are true believers!
B.D. - Australia
Eddie Konold has been an invaluable resource for us as a couple. He very skillfully and mindfully helps us to navigate the sometimes choppy seas of marriage to arrive safely on the shore. His “counseling” has provided a safe space for both of us to explore our relationship and intimacy in the presence of a compassionate witness.
N. D. - Steamboat Springs, CO
Eddie has an effective way of getting right to the heart of issues which then illuminates our behaviors and reactions. He has been pivotal in turning our relationship around and helping us see and strive for the connection we long for.
J. S. - Steamboat Springs, CO
Eddie is an engaging, compassionate, patient counsellor with reasonable expectations on a couple’s progress. He is easy to talk to, and that makes for a very comfortable environment. We loved our time with him. We loved our time with him, and he was very helpful in getting us back on track as a couple. Thank you for all you did for us and for what you do for our community!
T. H. - Steamboat Springs, CO
Eddie has helped us to survive the tragic loss of our son. Grieving is such an incredibly painful and complicated process, with no rules or timelines. Eddie has helped us to come together as parents and as a couple again. He has really helped us to better understand each other and to be more patient and compassionate toward each other. This tragedy had shaken the foundation of our family and our relationship, and Eddie has helped us to bring stability and some peace back into our lives. Eddie’s empathy, genuine caring for us and his emotional investment in our lives is evident with every interaction and has been very effective in helping us to remain standing together!
M.K. - Steamboat Springs, CO
We are extremely grateful to have found Eddie during a very difficult period of our marriage. Eddie has always provided us balanced support and guidance while demonstrating empathy and patience. His approach and ability to get to the core issues have facilitated a positive transformation in our relationship that we were unable to achieve during previous therapy with other counselors. We have benefited so much from our sessions with him!
J.D. - Steamboat Springs, CO