Being loving is honoring and valuing yourself and the people you are within the moment. It is interacting with people from that value and honor, treating them as though their experience is as important as your own. Being loving is not caring for others at the expense of yourself. It is making others part of what is important to you and working together to move through life in equal regard. Being loving has opened up a world of happiness and fulfillment for me as I move through the roller coaster to the human experience. I want to share that world with you.

How Being Loving Makes You Happier
  • Feeling Good About How You Treat Others.
  • Experiencing Abundance Rather Than Scarcity.
  • Feeling Love For Others in the Moment.
  • Being in Control Instead of Reactive.
  • You Like Your Loving Self Better.

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  • beetles

Giving Permission for What is So

July 6th, 2015|1 Comment

‘What is so’ means what is already in existence. Examples are “My wife is mad at me”, “I yelled at my child”, “We are fighting right now”, “I’m frustrated and don’t [...]

  • ocean

Love as the Ultimate Expression of the Self

July 1st, 2015|0 Comments

I believe that the ultimate expression of any human being is love. Not that our other thoughts and feelings aren’t valid or real, but that at the source of it all, love is where we come from and seek to return to. We humans seem to be hardwired to seek the experience of love.


“How to Love Well” – a speech by Eddie Konold

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